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N3C is building a centralized national data resource — the NCATS N3C Data Enclave — that the research community can use to study COVID-19 and identify potential treatments as the pandemic continues to evolve. Specifically, the N3C will enable the rapid collection and analysis of clinical, laboratory and diagnostic data from hospitals and health care plans. If successful, this approach will be applicable to other research questions and may serve as a model for addressing future public health emergencies.

N3C 2023 data*Source:

LA data

How to Access N3C Data Enclave

  1. First time user go to
  2. Confirm or Request a Data Use Agreement (DUA) between your Institution and N3C (use this link to check if your institution already has the needed DUA).
  3. Complete NIH Information Security and Information Management Training
  4. Register for an N3C Data Enclave Account

  1. Draft your Data Use Request Application
  2. Title: (xxx)
  3. Project Description: (must be COVID-19 Related)
  4. Project Rationale: The project rationale is used by the Data Access Committee, (DAC) to assess the level of data/data tier being requested (Limited Data Set (LDS), De-Identified (DeID), or Synthetic. User should describe the minimum necessary level of data needed to conduct research
  5. Upload IRB Approval, if applicable
  6. Submit a Data Use Request.
  7. Receive and Approval from Data Access Committee (DAC)
  8. Given access to the analytics workbench

The LA CaTS Biomedical Informatics (BMI) Core will support the clinical and translational research activities of the entire LA CaTS collaborative. The BMI Core resources available to investigators include:

  • Institutional Data Use Agreement assistance
  • COVID-19 related research idea generation
  • Project data identification within N3C and across other available LA CaTS Center data resources
  • Assist investigators on Data Use Requests (DUR) through the Data Enclave

Print flyer for LA CaTS Members