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REDCap Testimonials

Robert Newton, PhD, PI, Physical Activity and Ethnic Minority Health

“The ARTIIS Study uses REDCap to capture both on- and off-site data.  Participants complete self-administered questionnaires during their clinic visits on an iPad, which automatically sends the data to REDCap. This has resulted in low levels of missing data because questionnaires cannot be submitted with null data. The exercise arm of the ARTIIS intervention is run at five local YMCAs, and requires the personal trainers to enter participant compliance data through REDCap weekly. This process has allowed us to monitor participant adherence in near real-timefrom our main campus. REDCap has saved significant data entry manpower and time, and has allowed us to efficiently monitor participant compliance. In sum, REDCap has been a tremendous data collection instrument and we will utilize the system in the future.”

Amanda Staiano, PhD, PI, and Arwen Marker, Project Manager, Pediatric Obesity and Health Behavior

“Our research team conducts physical activity interventions for youth at risk for obesity and chronic diseases.  We have used REDCap for a couple of different studies in place of traditional paper surveys to collect psychosocial information. REDCap cuts out a lot of the time and expense associated with double-data entry, which was necessary for entering hard copies of study surveys.  REDCap’s online administration aligns well with a major goal of our research projects, which is to incorporate innovative technologies into our interventions. Plus, the children and adolescents in our studies seem to prefer filling out surveys online rather than with paper and pencil.”

Tim Church, PI, Preventive Medicine Research

“The utilization of REDCap in clinical trials at Pennington has created an easy access mechanism to transition from paper based data collection to real time electronic data entry. The program has the ability to cross a wide variety of individuals including pediatrics, minority groups, elderly, and diseased populations. Whether surveys are collected in house or via email directly to research participants, REDCap gives PIs the ability to collect data on large populations in a user friendly, efficient, and cost-effective fashion. Not only has REDCap reduced participant and staff burden, it has also saved thousands of research dollars.“

Catrine Tudor-Locke, PhD, PI, Walking Behavior, and Chelsea Hendrick, Project Manager, Preventive Medicine

“The WorkStation Pilot Study was the first study at Pennington to use REDCap for data collection. Staff utilized REDCap for paperless on-site data collection of assessment data for the study. Since the intervention was conducted off site, REDCap was instrumental in providing the ability for our staff to receive same day feedback on participation while collecting key exercise data points. Participants completed a daily survey detailing their attendance to using the WorkStation as well as their speed and duration on the treadmill. This REDCap survey was exported daily by our interventionist who provided encouragement and feedback in real time to off-site participants as needed. Without REDCap, the intervention would have required a Pennington staff member to be physically present in the workplace on a daily basis. REDCap allowed us to design and integrate an intervention for “real world” workplace settings.”

Allison Tohme, Project Manager, Physical Activity Epidemiology

“We use REDCap to collect survey data at 12 project sites across the state.  Having a centralized, web-based location for project staff to enter data greatly improved our data collection and management processes.  We also took advantage of REDCap’s versatility by using it for direct data entry by participants when appropriate.  The most invaluable aspect of our REDCap experience was having programmers on staff at PBRC; the team is extremely responsive and helpful!”

Connie Murla, Assistant Director of Clinical Data Management, Computing Services

“Redcap provides a rapid development solution for securely acquiring sensitive data from remote users and locations. I recently created a quick survey for a collaborator at LSU to provide Protected Health Information for one of our Clinical Trials in 10 minutes. Redcap provided a secured, HIPAA compliant solution in minutes.”

Melissa Harris, Project Manager, Preventive Medicine Research

“Over the past 3 year, REDCap has been a key data collection and project management tool in clinical trials for Preventive Medicine at Pennington Biomedical. With use in 6 different trials that have enrolled over 1000 participants in total, REDCap has been used to collect data in a variety of different ways: assessment data, questionnaires, surveys, exercise intervention tracking, satellite site monitoring, supply inventories, and CMED tracking, to name a few.  In addition, REDCap has been instrumental in rolling out a state wide weight loss program.  The sheer volume and scope of these projects would not have been possible without the REDCap system. The ability to generate and view tailored reports in real timealone makes the system an irreplaceable research management tool.”

Brian Melancon, Quality Improvement Manager, Physical Activity Epidemiology

“Pennington Biomedical views REDCap as a vital tool in the execution and management of data for multi-site projects. LA CaTS and LSU ICON have seen a seamless approach to capturing data across multiple institutions using our REDCap Team. REDCap is very important in the continuing success of our programs.”