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REDCapREDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a web-based data capture tool that does not require client local software and can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet. REDCap was originally developed at Vanderbilt University and is actively developed and supported by a consortium of over 1,870 active institutional partners.

REDCap features include:

  • A stream-lined process for rapidly building a database and/or online surveys
  • An intuitive interface for collecting data
  • A data quality module with the option of a query management tool
  • Differentiated user roles
  • Comprehensive auditing to record and monitor access and data changes
  • Advanced features such as branching logic, file uploading and calculated fields
  • Automated export procedures of raw data and syntax files for SAS, Stata, R, and SPSS>

The LA CATS Biomedical Informatics team provides the use of the REDCap software as a service for LA CATS member investigators and their teams to collect study data. This service includes the REDCap application software hosted in a web server, disk space for data storage, regular system backups, software patches and upgrades, basic training courses, online documentation, and database/survey development assistance. For more information, contact the REDCap Administrator at


  • Online Videos -
  • General REDCap training videos are available through REDCap itself. To view the online videos,
click here

  • Training
- Basic training courses and QA Sessions will be offered periodically. Please check back periodically for course offerings. Some courses to be offered are:
  • Introduction to REDCap
  • Data Management of your REDCap project
  • Monthly QA Sessions