LA CaTS Cores & Resources

  • Terry Davis, Ph.D
    Health Literacy Core Director
    LSUHSC Shreveport
    (318) 675-8694
  • Connie Arnold, Ph.D
    Health Literacy Core Co-Director
    LSUHSC Shreveport
    (318) 675-4324

Health Literacy Core

Our LA CaTS Center recognizes that a large and often overlooked group of underserved individuals are those with low literacy skills. This is clearly a major concern for our institutions in Louisiana (LA) and for our collaborating partner, South Carolina (SC), in caring for underserved (vulnerable) populations in each state. Low literacy is pervasive in both states and has a significant public health impact on LA and SC citizens. According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy - LA ranks 49th among states with with 28% of adults scoring in the lowest literacy level while SC ranks 48th with 25% of adults scoring in the lowest literacy level. The Health Literacy (HL) Core is a valuable resource to assist researchers in providing plain language communication to research subjects. Thus, the Health Literacy (HL) Core’s overarching goal is to provide training, specific methodology, attention to human subject’s issues, and ongoing consultation to enhance skills of clinical and translational researchers to communicate clearly with research populations with low literacy skills.

The goal is to give research subjects information that is easy to understand and act on. We will offer practical training, and easy to use methodology, and friendly ongoing consultation to enhance the oral and written communication skills of COBRE/INBRE researchers.

The Health Literacy Core Team of Drs. Terry Davis and Connie Arnold will provide services and iterative consultation early in the development of protocols and consent forms particularly those designed for vulnerable populations. In addition, to address the specific needs of our COBRE/INBRE mentees, the HL core will have ongoing dialogues with the PIs, mentors and other faculty responsible for training of COBRE/INBRE mentees.

The vision of Health Literacy Core is to:

The Health Literacy Core offers the opportunity to bring the benefits of research to the underserved and to subsequently produce a positive impact on the health of Louisiana and South Carolina’s vulnerable populations.