LA CaTS Cores & Resources

  • Terry Davis, Ph.D
    Health Literacy Core Director
    LSUHSC Shreveport
    (318) 675-8694
  • Connie Arnold, Ph.D
    Health Literacy Core Co-Director
    LSUHSC Shreveport
    (318) 675-4324

Health Literacy Core

LA CaTS Health Literacy Core will aid investigators, coordinators and providers in communicating plain language, patient centered information to patients and the public. The Health Literacy Core is a valuable resource for LA CaTS in addressing disparities in access, understanding and participation in clinical trials among those with low SES, limited health literacy, racial and ethnic minorities and those living in rural areas.

The Health Literacy Core Team of Drs. Terry Davis and Connie Arnold offers practical training, easy to use methodology, and friendly ongoing consultation to enhance the oral and written health communication skills. We also provide iterative consultation in the development of protocols and consent forms appropriate for safety-net patients.  Our goal is to provide LA CaTS researchers and providers with the knowledge and skills needed to give patients and the public information that is easy to access, understand and use in order to make informed health decisions.

Specifically the Health literacy core provides:

The Health Literacy Core offers the opportunity to bring the benefits of research to underserved populations and to subsequently produce a positive impact on the health of Louisiana vulnerable populations.