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LA CaTS Grant Development Award Program Overview


Provide support for junior and/or senior faculty to collaborate on planning and preparation for submission of interdisciplinary and innovative grant applications.

Faculty members of LA CaTS institutions with a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent degree, seeking to develop a proposal in clinical or translational research to compete successfully for NIH or other extramural funding.

Up to $5,000. Funds can be used for:

  • Holding grant planning meetings of potential collaborators to outline specific aims
  • Bringing in an expert(s) in the field to discuss grant ideas, specific aims, collaboration
  • Supporting a grant writing consultant to assist with preparation and/or review of grant application
  • Hosting grant writing sessions such as retreats to prepare grant applications and working groups to design pilot projects to support grant applications
  • Hiring student-worker(s) or technician (s) for literature review, technical assistance

Applications Details:

If currently active, the Grant Development Award application instructions can be found here. 

Open enrollment each year until the maximum number of awards have be met.

For more information email


Round 1, 2017-2018

Preconception health research consortium planning grant

The major use of the funding involved in this project will be to conduct an in-person meeting bringing together several of the potential participating cohorts, to establish a structure for the consortium, decide on research questions, and publishing preliminary data or manuscript as a basis for the consortium.

Overcoming Immunity to Change: Promoting Medication Adherence For Hypertension

Dr. Krousel-Wood will use this award to support planned activities that will lead to submission of an NIH R01 proposal to conduct a large-scale randomized controlled trial of the Immunity to Change approach for improving medication adherence among older adults with hypertension. Those activities include in-person grant planning meetings, conference calls, literature review and external reviews. The NIH R01 proposal submission is planned for October 2018.


Round 2, 2018-2019

NIH K01 Resubmission Development

This award will support her travel to the PERC at UC Irvine approximately one month prior to the resubmission deadline. Dr. Dan Cooper at the UCI Pediatric Exercise Genomics Research Center will serve as a Co-mentor on the K01 proposal. He and Dr. Shlomit Aizik, Executive Director of the PERC at UC Irvine, will provide training opportunities in exercise testing and prescription for special populations via their ongoing MoTrPAC and REACH studies in children (if awarded). The K01 proposal submission is planned for March 2020.

Physiology of the Weight Reduced State

This award will use this award to support planned meetings with NIDDK Staff Scientists and key partners for an NIDDK Intramural Program in Phoenix, AZ. The NIDDK intramural program brings complementary expertise in both energy expenditure and energy intake assessments and also offers diversity with enrollment of under-represented minority groups, including Native Americans and Hispanics. The NIDDK RFA submission is planned for June 11, 2020.


Round 3, 2019-2020

Efficacy of an intervention to promote fat loss in pregnant women in obesity

Dr. Redman will use the award to cover travel expenses for her Co-PI (Dr. Susan Phelan) to attend an in-person meeting to develop a new R01 proposal, along with the project Co-PI, LA CaTS Center biostatistical support and post-docs (for training). For the first time, Dr. Redman and Dr. Phelan (if awarded) will conduct an evidence-based lifestyle intervention to facilitate fat loss in women with obesity during pregnancy. The NIH R01 proposal submission is planned for June 2019.

Planning Meetings for the New Orleans Development Center for AIDS Research (DCFAR)

Dr. Kissinger will use the award to support working group meetings and collaborations (comprised of researchers at Tulane University, the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center [LSUHSC], Xavier University, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, and Crescent Care) to develop a competitive Developmental Centers for AIDS Research (DCFAR) application. The NIH DCFAR proposal submission is planned for August 2020.