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About SPARC Request

You can now request a LA CaTS service or consultation through our new online SPARC Request System (Services, Pricing, & Application for Research Centers). SPARC is a web-based research management system that provides a central portal (one-stop shop) to researchers and their study teams to browse for research services and resources, as well as submit service and pricing requests with a focus on billing compliance and proposal/budget development. SPARC was developed by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), a collaborator with the LA CATS Center, and is now being utilized by multiple research institutes across the country.

Why use SPARC?

  • Manage your study information and requests in one central location
  • Easy-to-use search features
  • Request or obtain research pricing for research services across the LA CaTS Center institutions
  • Communicate directly with your service providers

How Do I Get Started?

To get started go to and create your account! Browse our catalog or ask a question!

Where do I find SPARC? It is easily found throughout our website. Look for the SPARC logo, or simply click here.

Have a quick question for one of our service providers? Use the “Ask A Question” feature.

Questions about SPARC? Contact us at