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The LA CaTS Center Cores and Resources provide a brief overview of the services and collaborations offered to investigators and how to contact them.

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LA CaTS Event Videos and Educational Webinars

"The Role of Health Literacy in Improving Communication" & "Strategies to Make Informed Consent Truly Informed"

April 13, 2017
Terry Davis, PhD & Connie Arnold, PhD
LA CaTS Center Health Literacy Core

Diversity in Translational Research (Annual Retreat 2017)

Mona N. Fouad, MD, MPH
Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Director and Professor, Division of Preventive Medicine
Director, Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center
School of Medicine
University of Alabama at Birmingham

The PD Core of LACaTS was privileged to have Dr. Mona Fouad present the keynote lecture at our annual retreat in April.  Dr. Fouad brought her career-long dedication to incorporating diversity in patient-oriented translational research. She taught mechanisms of formulating research and presenting the research as an outgrowth of the participating population.  We are privileged to make her entire lecture available to the LA CaTS community in the hope that our population of patients will be better served

Improving the Effectiveness of Research Mentors (Annual Retreat 2015)

Christine Pfund, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2015 LA CaTS Annual Education, Mentoring & Career Development Core Retreat

Translational Bioinformatics (Annual Retreat 2018)

Subha Madhavan, PhD Director
Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics
Georgetown University
The 2018 Professional Development Core Retreat featured a plenary talk by Dr. Madhavan on “translational bioinformatics”. This activity has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM. Tulane University Center for Continuing Education is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and is authorized to issue the IACET CEU. Tulane University Center for Continuing Education is authorized by IACET to offer .2 CEUs for this program. Questions about this talk should be sent to

LA CaTS Community Scholars Informational Conference Call

November 6, 2020

Dr. Daniel Sarpong, LA CaTS Community Engagement & Outreach Resource Director, Xavier University, hosted an informational conference call for those interested in applying for the 2020-2021 Community Scholars Program. Questions concerning this call or the Community Scholars Program can be sent to

2018 LA CaTS Investigator Update Presentations

September 24, 2018

The LA CaTS Center Senior Investigate update featured nationally recognized experts who presented on the following topics:

  • Jeffrey Cohen, HRP Consulting Group - "Privacy and Information Security Issues in Clinical Research"
  • Anthony Keyes, Johns Hopkins, Senior member of US Taskforce of - ""
  • Leslie E. Wolf, Professor of Law, Georgia State University College of Law, Director of Center for Law, Health & Society-"Conflicts of Interest in Research"

2019 Senior Research Investigator Symposium Dropdown

September 25, 2019

The LA CaTS Center Senior Investigator Symposium in 2019 featured nationally recognized experts who presented on the following topics:

  • Paula Strickland, PhD, MPH, Director, Office of Research Training and Special Programs, Division of Extramural Activities, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH "Grant Writing for Success: Preparing an NIH Grant Application"
  • Stanley Korenman, MD. Associate Director, CTSI Associate Dean for Ethics, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Distinguished Professor, Medicine Distinguished Professor, Endocrinology Diabetes and Hypertension "Bias in Research"
  • Mukesh Kumar, PhD. RAC. Chief Executive Officer at Brij Strategic Consultations, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Clinical Research and Leadership, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington DC "FDA-compliant Clinical Protocols"

"Clinical Research Evidence Generation in the Digital Era (Annual Retreat 2019)"

The 2019 Professional Development Retreat featured a plenary talk by Dr. Robert Califf, Duke University and former FDA Commissioner. Dr. Califf presented a 1-hour talk on Clinical Research Evidence Generation in the Digital Era. Questions about this talk can be sent to"

Using Social Media for Science (Annual Retreat 2020)

Dr. Paige Jarreau, Director of Science Communication and Social Media, LifeOmic and Science Communication Specialist, LSU College of Science presents a plenary talk entitled, “Using Social Media for Science”. The event was part of the Professional Development Core’s Annual Retreat and was open to all member institutions.

The Future of NIDDK Clinical Research (Annual Retreat 2021)

“The Future of NIDDK Clinical Research” by Dr. Griffin Rodgers, M.D., M.A.C.P., Director of National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). The event was sponsored by the LA CaTS Professional Development Core and was held Friday, March 26th, 2021 from 12pm – 1pm.


LA CaTS REDCap Webinars

LA CaTS REDCap Hour #1 on August 31st, 2017

  1. Introduction
    • David Alexander & Daniel Lorio from the LA CaTS Center Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement Core
  2. Agenda
  3. What is REDCap
    • Research Electronic Data Capture
    • This is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and database
    • It is HIPAA-compliant and geared to support online data capture
  4. What can I do with REDCap? (Demo)
  5. How do I start using REDCap at LA CaTS
  6. Q&A and links

LA CaTS REDCap Hour #2 on September 28, 2017

  1. Agenda
  2. Feature: Repeating instruments and surveys
  3. REDCap training videos
  4. REDCap libraries usage
    • Collection of data instruments
  5. How do I start using REDCap at LA CaTS
  6. Q&A and links

LA CaTS REDCap Hour #3 on October 26, 2017

  1. What’s New
    • Repeating instruments & events
    • REDCap Mobile App management
    • Custom Record Status Dashboards
    • Survey response limit & time limit
  2. What’s Next
    • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration (i.e. EPIC, Cerner, etc)
    • One click REDCap server launch
    • External modules: "The next BIG thing"

LA CaTS REDCap Hour April 26th, 2018

  1. Introduction
    • Daniel Lorio (LACaTS REDCap Administrator), Dr. Robbie Beyl (LACats Statistician) and David Alexander (Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement Director)
  2. Agenda
    • Ransomization Methodology - How to implement in REDCap

LA CaTS REDCap Hour September 27, 2018

  • Presenters & Topics
    • David Alexander (Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement Core Director, Pennington Biomedical) - REDCap Mobile App & REDCap Application Program Interface (API)
    • Connie Murla (REDCap Administrator, Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement Core, Pennington Biomedical) - REDCap Con
    • Megan Bronson (LA CaTS Navigator, Professional Development Core, Tulane University) - REDCap Feedback Survey

LA CaTS REDCap Hour October 25, 2018

  • David Alexander (Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement Core Director, Pennington Biomedical) - Save and return functionality within REDCap surveys
  • Connie Murla (REDCap Administrator, Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement Core, Pennington Biomedical) - Enhancements & e-consent tour


LA CaTS Monthly Webcasts

January 2019 Webcast (Topic: New Common Rule)

- Leigh Lamonica, JD, LA CaTS Ethics & Regulatory Core Director, presented "There is Nothing Common About the New Common Rule"

February 2019 Webcast (Topic: Access to LA CaTS Services)

- Brian Melancon, LA CaTS Tracking & Evaluation Manager, walks you through services available from the LA CaTS Center and how to access them.

March 2019 Webcast (Topic: Investigator Access to Existing Databases)

- Dr. Ron Horswell, LA CaTS Biomedical Informatics Core, presents on how investigators can access large existing databases for research studies, why you might need to access them and how the BMI Core can help.

July 2019 Webcast (Topic: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and REDCap)

- David Alexander of Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement demonstrates the multi-factor authentication features of REDCap and some use cases.

September 2019 Webcast (Topic: Promoting a Bi-directional Relationship between LA CaTS and the Community)

- Join Dr. Daniel Sarpong, Dr. Betty Kennedy and Tynesia Fields in their presentation "Promoting a Bi-directional Relationship between LA CaTS and the Community"

October 2019 Webcast (Topic: Pilot Grants Program Funding Opportunities)

- Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk, Co-Director of the LA CaTS Pilot Grants Program gives an overview of the present and upcoming funding opportunities and helpful tips for those wanting to apply.

November 2019 Webcast (Topic: The Role of Health Literacy in Improving Health Communication and Outcomes)

- LA CaTS Health Literacy Core Director Terry Davis, PhD presents on the Role of Health Literacy in Improving Health Communications and Outcomes.

March 2020 Webcast (Topic: SPARC 101 - LA CaTS Services & How to Request Them)

- Join Brian Melancon, LA CaTS Tracking and Evaluation, as he walks us through LA CaTS Services and how to request them, through the LA CaTS Service Catalog SPARC.

June 2020 Webcast (Topic: REDCap and Remote Working Tips and Tricks)

- LA CaTS Center REDCap Administrator Aimee' Stewart (Pennington Biomedical) presents REDCap Tips and Tricks. LA CaTS Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement Core Director, David Alexander, presents some remote working tools which you may not be using currently.