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Funding & Training Opportunities

The LA CaTS Center offers funding opportunities annually (typically in the Spring) for research projects through our Pilot Grants Program and education training support through our Roadmap Scholar Program. The LA CaTS Center now offers two new funding and training programs, the Visiting Scholars Program and Community Scholar Program. In addition, the LA CaTS Center periodically may offer special funding opportunities (i.e. multi-institutional grants and other focus area specific grants). Announcements are made through the LA CaTS listserv, LA CaTS members and through this website. To receive funding opportunity announcements please sign up here.

Current LA CaTS Grant Funding Opportunities
Current LA CaTS Training Opportunities

Pilot Projects

Other Funding Opportunities?
Yes, there are! The LA CaTS Center also has joined forces with other funded Centers around the state to offer additional funding opportunities to LA CaTS members. Please visit their websites concerning eligibility, as they may vary. Below are other collaborating Centers that offer periodic funding opportunities:

Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) - NIH Funded

Botanical Reserach Center (BRC) - NIH Funded

UAB Center for Clinical Translational Science (CCTS)-NIH

COVID-19 Opportunities

Louisiana Center for Advancing Underrepresented Scientists’ Careers in Health, Nutrition, Obesity and Disparities Research (LAUNCHED)-NIH

*For questions concerning funding opportunities through these Centers, please contact them directly.