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  • Leigh Lamonica, JD, CIPP/US, CHC, CHRC
    ERKC Resource Director
    Pennington Biomedical
    (225) 763-2515
  • Richard Culbertson, PhD, MHA, MDiv
    ERKC Resource Co-Director
    LSUHSC New Orleans

IRB Reliance Platforms: SMART IRB vs SMART IRB Exchange

Are you interested in collaborating on a research study with other institutions but not sure how to work with multiple IRBs?

There are 2 reliance platforms to streamline the IRB review process for multisite studies, SMART IRB & SMART IRB Exchange. For more information, you can visit the reliance platform’s websites directly listed below:


  • Reliance Walkthrough Video
  • Request Investigator Access
  • Reliance Checklist

SMART IRB Exchange

  • System Demo videos
  •     Guidance Documents
  •     Study Registration Page

Questions? Contact the Ethics & Regulatory Core at or request a consultation on SPARC.