LA CaTS Cores & Resources

Biostatistics & Epidemiology Core

The Biostatistics & Epidemiology Core will provide consultation, guidance, and analytical resources for the study design, epidemiology and statistical analysis of research at our LA CaTS institutions. The purpose of this Core is to assemble epidemiology and biostatistics specialists as a single coordinated resource and match individualized skills and interests with study-specific research needs. This would provide a broad spectrum of expertise that could not be duplicated by any single institution and establish a critical requisite for addressing a recognized barrier to transforming the clinical and translational research in Louisiana to a prominent level of scientific excellence. This goal is particularly important given that a major objective of the LA CaTS Center is to help advance the research focus of COBRE/INBREs of the state to a more clinical research and translational direction. This Core will therefore be a vital resource in support of the COBRE/INBRE mentoring programs as these programs play fundamental roles in developing new investigators by presenting them with novel research opportunities and providing an environment of support characterized by established senior investigators. In order to address the specific needs of our COBRE/INBRE mentees, this Core plans to have frequent and ongoing dialogues with the COBRE/INBRE mentors responsible for the specific training of the mentees.

The objective of the Biostatistics and Epidemiology Core is to:

  • Consolidate and expand the critical level of proficiency in efficient and valid research study design, epidemiology and biostatistics resources for clinical and translational research at participating institutions. Our approach is to provide a unified platform for all the design, epidemiology and biostatistics resources at the collaborating institutions and offer LA CaTS Center investigators easy access to epidemiologists and biostatisticians who possess a full range of complementary expertise.

  • Participate in the education of future clinical and translational researchers by providing training in objective good practice scientific investigation employing efficient study design and state of the art quantitative methods. Given the current preclinical goals of the COBRE/INBREs, this aim will be specifically designed to address needs of the COBRE/INBRE mentees for clinical and translational approach. To accomplish our aim, this core will provide individual instruction to mentees and will also work closely with the Education and Career Development Core to present and coordinate special seminars and lectures. We will also conduct seminars where trainees present their work in progress to support a culture of free exchange of ideas and collaborative approaches.

  • Participate in continuing education and develop new epidemiologic and statistical approaches targeted to improve analytical methods applicable for LA CaTS-supported basic, clinical and population research. Our approach is to consistently search for better analytical methods, attend professional meetings, and conduct regular discussion forums, including formal presentations, and to seek novel solutions to data analysis problems that may fall outside the limitations of established procedures.

In addition, this Core will deliver an education and training curriculum in research design and analysis, and integrate good clinical research practice into the research process by providing good practice consultation and training to LA CaTS members. This Core will also foster a safe environment for patient participation.