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Roadmap Scholars Program Overview

Roadmap Scholars Program

Roadmap Scholars Program
Each year the LA CaTS Professional Development Core selects eligible scholars into the Roadmap Scholars program. This program targets junior faculty who are just entering the field of clinical and translational research. The program supports 75% of the scholar’s salary for 2 years to provide protected time for research and training; it also covers the cost of tuition for a 40-credit Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR) degree from Tulane University. This program provides the opportunity for junior faculty, together with their mentors, to design an individual Roadmap that includes didactic courses in clinical research methodology, molecular medicine, ethics, protocol design, grant writing as well as mentored research. When they complete this training, we anticipate that the scholars will have competed successfully for an NIH Career Transition (K) award or its equivalent, permitting continued protected mentored career development.

Important Dates

Standard Date Roadmap Scholarship
RFA Announcement December 6
Applications Due February 1
Decision* April 16

*Decision dates subject to change