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Standard Due Dates

Pilot Grant Submissions to the Pilot Grant Program (PGP)
These dates are for both new projects and previously awarded investigators desiring to compete for a 2nd year of project funding.

November / December

Call for Pre-Applications

Jan (end of Jan)  

Deadline to receive Pre-Applications

Feb (mid Feb) 

KCA review of Pre-Applications to be complete

Feb  (end of Feb)               

Selected investigators invited to submit Full Applications

April  (mid April)

Deadline to receive Full Applications


Award Announcements


Anticipated study start (after final approval from LA CaTS Center administration; see additional information below)

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Additional Information for all Pilot Projects Rounds

  • For all awarded pilot projects: the funding clock starts on the date when the LA CaTS Center Administrative Core gives the investigator written final approval notice (after regulatory and NIH approvals for applicable projects have been received).
  • Investigators will be required to provide a minimum two written progress reports each year focusing on scientific progress, challenges, participant enrollment, submissions (e.g., manuscripts and proposals to federal agencies), publications, presentations, awards, intellectual property activities, etc. Awardees will receive instructions on required data, report format and how to submit reports.
  • In addition to meetings with mentors, awardees should expect to meet each year with the Pilot Grant Program leaders who may request oral reports, presentations, or additional written reports as applicable. Awarded investigators may also be required to participate in LA CaTS Center sponsored poster sessions as applicable.
  • Beginning in 2014, investigators who have received a first year of pilot project funding may also compete for a follow-on second year of funding for their previously awarded projects. The timeline and requirements outlined in Standard Due Dates will apply for those investigators competing for a second year of funding.