April 27, 2024 - May 30, 2024

RECOVER News Digest

The RECOVER News Digest highlights recent press coverage of RECOVER, COVID-19, and Long COVID. NIH and CSC do not approve, disapprove, or endorse the content or sentiment in the items shared here. The contents of the News Digest are not for external distribution.

RECOVER in the News (6 Articles)
Pregnant Women With COVID-19 May be at Lower Risk for Long COVID
New data from the NIH RECOVER observational study show that women who contracted COVID-19 during pregnancy had a lower risk of developing Long COVID than other women.

In Communities of Color, Long COVID Patients are Tired of Being Sick and Neglected
The Washington Post
Many Long COVID patients report having their symptoms dismissed—an all-too-familiar story for patients of color—making inclusivity in studies like NIH RECOVER, even more critical.

Does COVID-19 Persist?
MedPage Today
With 17 million adults reporting Long COVID symptoms like brain fog and fatigue, the idea of viral persistence has gained traction, as shown in ongoing research such as RECOVER-VITAL.

U.S. to Launch Long COVID Trial Focused on Sleep, Exercise
In an attempt to find potential treatments for symptoms of Long COVID, NIH RECOVER announced its plan to launch clinical trials focusing on sleep disturbances, problems with exercise, and post-exertional malaise.

PAS Plenary Highlights New Research on Mental Health, Equity, Pandemic
American Academy of Pediatrics News
In an AAP-sponsored plenary session at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in Toronto, NIH RECOVER Investigators presented data showing that Long COVID symptoms may vary by age group.

Long COVID: The Enduring Pandemic
American College of Surgeons
Despite a lower risk for Long COVID associated with newer variants and the protective effect of vaccination, NIH RECOVER research has shown that 10% of those who are newly infected developed persisting symptoms—even in a predominantly vaccinated population infected with the Omicron variant.