March 29, 2024 - April 25, 2024

RECOVER News Digest

The RECOVER News Digest highlights recent press coverage of RECOVER, COVID-19, and Long COVID. NIH and CSC do not approve, disapprove, or endorse the content or sentiment in the items shared here. The contents of the News Digest are not for external distribution.

RECOVER in the News (6 Articles)
NIH RECOVER Makes Long COVID Data Easier to Access
National Institutes of Health
Deidentified data from more than 14,000 adults participating in the RECOVER observational study will now be available to authorized researchers through BioData Catalyst (BDC).

4 Years in, a Sobering Look at Long COVID Progress
Ongoing RECOVER research, led by Dr. Grace McComsey and hundreds of other investigators across the country, is part of the meaningful progress being made in understanding Long COVID.

Trials Will Evaluate Treatments for Long COVID Nervous System Problems
JAMA Network
RECOVER announced plans to launch two randomized clinical trials that will study whether different types of treatments, including medications and nondrug care, can help alleviate symptoms of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) in people with Long COVID.

$10 Billion Long COVID 'Moonshot' is Being Floated by Bernie Sanders
Senator Bernie Sanders has released a draft legislative proposal for a $10 billion effort to establish a new Long COVID research program, adding to an existing government commitment to Long COVID through the RECOVER Initiative.

12-Year-Old Boy Describes 4-Year Battle With 'Invisible' Disease of Long COVID
ABC News
Long COVID in children remains understudied and under-discussed, but a growing body of research efforts, including NIH RECOVER, are shining a light on the condition’s impact on the pediatric population.

Long COVID Still Has No Cure - So These Patients are Turning to Research
Patient advocates like Lisa McCorkell remain actively involved in Long COVID research efforts, such as that of RECOVER, to help raise awareness about and find treatments for Long COVID.