February 23 - March 28, 2024

RECOVER News Digest

The RECOVER News Digest highlights recent press coverage of RECOVER, COVID-19, and Long COVID. NIH and CSC do not approve, disapprove, or endorse the content or sentiment in the items shared here. The contents of the News Digest are not for external distribution.

RECOVER in the News (9 Articles)
Unmasking a Nurse's Journey Through Long COVID Gaslighting
MedPage Today

RECOVER representative and registered nurse, Jess Warner, discusses the challenges of having her Long COVID symptoms acknowledged, even within the medical profession.

COVID-19 Never Truly Goes Away: Long COVID's Debilitating Symptoms Uproots Lives

Some patients experiencing debilitating Long COVID symptoms, including trouble sleeping, are finding relief through participation in RECOVER's sleep studies.

Long COVID Doesn't Always Look Like You Think it Does

RECOVER researcher Dr. Leora Horwitz shares that part of the challenge of studying Long COVID is that there is no universal experience of the condition as symptoms often vary.

4 Years Later, Experts Are Just Beginning to 'Scratch the Surface' of Understanding Long COVID
ABC News
Despite extensive research into Long COVID, including by the RECOVER Initiative, researchers say they are only 'scratching the surface' of understanding the condition. 

The Hunt for Long COVID Answers Zeroes in on Causes
The RECOVER Initiative has announced the start of mid-stage trials testing three treatments for Long COVID in patients who've experienced symptoms such as fast heart rate, dizziness, and fatigue.

Up to 5.8 Million Kids Have Long COVID, Study Says. One Mother Discusses the "Heartbreaking" Search for Answers.
CBS News
A recent RECOVER study published in Pediatrics and co-authored by RECOVER Investigator, Dr. Rachel Gross, suggests that up to 5.8 million young people have Long COVID in the United States emphasizing the need for ongoing research into the way the condition impacts children.

Inside a Push to Create an NIH Office for Post-Infection Chronic Illness
A growing number of people, including RECOVER Patient Representative Lisa McCorkell, are calling for increased biomedical research funding and the inclusion of Long COVID as a line item in the government's budget to support ongoing research.

Millions of Americans Suffer From Long COVID. Why Do Treatments Remain Out of Reach?
USA Today
In February, the federal government committed and additional $500 million over the next four years to the RECOVER Initiative, but advocates are hoping for solutions sooner.

Long COVID May Be Difficult to Identify in MS
MedPage Today

The RECOVER scoring criteria for identifying Long COVID has been used in studies of people with multiple sclerosis as well.