communityWe invite LA CaTS junior, senior, and all other investigators to utilize the SparcRequest platform to request to share their research with the CEO Core's standing Baton Rouge and New Orleans Community Advisory Boards (CABs). CAB members provide insightful and community relevant feedback that propel health research projects to truly impact the Louisiana community. The CEO Core can also provide advising services on engagement for your project, if outside of CAB requirements.  

  • CAB Engagement Highlights: 
    • Dr. Adrienne Katner's (D.Env., M.S., Associate Professor, LSUNO School of Public Health) CAB and overall community engagement in water quality research has led to "community and academic partnerships; 11 subsequent research grants worth $3,342,010; three peer-reviewed journal articles; two peer-reviewed book chapters; 29 refereed research abstracts and papers at scientific conferences; and 33 invitations to present this research, including for one international conference, and ten national conferences; in addition to impactful local policy change to improve lead in water for underserved communities of Louisiana. 
    • Drs. Myers & Apolzan received NIMHD R21 award for their project "Effects of Episodic Food Insecurity on Psychological and Physiological Responses in African American Women with Obesity" with CAB input.
  • The New Orleans CAB meets virtually every 4th Friday, 11:30 AM - 1 PM; the Baton Rouge CAB meets virtually every 3rd Wednesday, 11:30 AM - 1 PM.