Several LA CaTS Center investigators’ research on obesity and cancer was published in The Obesity Society’s flagship journal, Obesity. The results of the research led to three new papers emphasizing the the relationship between obesity-associated inflammation and comorbidities of cancer development. The papers, titled "Obesity and Cancer Risk in White and Black Adults: A Prospective Cohort Study" and "The Triple Health Threat: Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer--Epidemiology, Disparities, Mechanisms and Interventions" will be published in the June 2021 print issue. The third paper, "Obesity-associated Myeloid Immunosuppressive Cells, Key Players in Cancer Risk and Response to Immunotherapy" is already available.

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Congratulations to Dr. Maria Sanchez-Pino (LSU Health New Orleans), Dr. Justin Brown (Pennington Biomedical), Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk (Pennington Biomedical), Dr. Lucio Miele (LSU Health New Orleans), Dr. Jovanny Zabaleta (LSU Health New Orleans), and Dr. Augusto Ochoa (LSU Health New Orleans), for their contribution to this important work and publications partially supported by the LA CaTS Center.