Register here: LA CaTS Mock Study Section 2019 Registration

SEPTEMBER 18 | LSUHSC-New Orleans | MEB, 1901 Perdido St. |
SEMINAR RM 7 on 3rd FLOOR | 3:00 - 5:00 PM

Investigators at LA CaTS Center member institutions are invited to participate in the LA CaTS 2019 Mock Study Section! The Mock Study Section simulates an NIH Study Section in every detail including the work expected. Participants will review previously submitted K or R03/R21 applications and then participate in a formal discussion and review of the grants. Participants will not be expected to judge the scientific merit of their assigned grants but rather determine if the grant explains each of the review criteria well. At the conclusion of the review, participants will have an opportunity to compare their critiques with the actual feedback provided by the NIH.

To participate fully in the session, you will be expected to mock review either a K or an R type grant in advance. You will receive your mock grant to review by Wednesday, September 11. Please watch your email. If you do not receive your mock grant, please contact Megan Bronson, LA CaTS Research Navigator at Phone: 504.988.6988 Email:

Space is limited. In-person attendance is required. Advance registration is required.

Register here by September 4: LA CaTS Mock Study Section 2019 Registration

If you have any additional questions, please contact Megan Bronson, LA CaTS Research Navigator. Phone: 504.988.6988 Email: