Brian Melancon Ying Wu

The team at South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research (SCTR) Institute was recently awarded an administrative supplement from NCATS to support the enhancement of the SCTR-created SPARCRequest (SPARC) system. According to a recent article on EurekAlert, “The team will adapt SCTR-created SPARCRequest (SPARC), an electronic storefront of research resources that provides a one-stop shop for investigators planning a trial, into a hybrid cloud version (e-SPARC) of the tool.” The LA CaTS Center became an active partner when SPARC was released as an open source in 2014, and was launched to the LA CaTS research community in 2016. The LA CaTS SPARC system is a “one-stop shop” for researchers to browse available resources and request consultations that the center provides. Ying Wu, PhD and Brian Melancon (Pennington Biomedical Research Center) lead the SPARC team for the LA CaTS Center IDeA-CTR network.

Read the full article announcing the award for “e-SPARC” here.

The LA CaTS Center will provide valuable insight and experience in the development of eSPARC. The multi-site LA CaTS Center, with its experience in working across more than 10 sites, will participate with three other partners to develop a prototype of a cloud-based tool to measure impact of clinical and translational research nationwide.

To access the LA CaTS SPARC site, visit or click on the SPARC logo throughout the LA CaTS Center website at For questions on SPARC, contact us at