The 6th Annual Louisiana Conference on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics will be held on April 6 - 7, 2018 at the LSU Digital Media Center. The conference is co-sponsored by the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network (LBRN), the LSU-Tulane Center for Experimental Infectious Disease Research (CEIDR), LSU Center for Computation and Technology (CCT) and the LSU Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED). The conference aims to expose Louisiana to the cutting edge of Computational Biology, Bioinformatics Research and Applications while also providing a platform for exchange of information and technical knowledge among Louisiana-based scientists involved in different aspects of computational biology & bioinformatics.

Keynote Speakers

Jake Chen, PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Associate Director and Chief Bioinformatics Officer of the Informatics Institute
Professor, Departments of Genetics/Computer Science

Jessica Kissinger, PhD
University of Georgia
Director of the Institute of Bioinformatics
Professor, Department of Genetics

Ben Busby, PhD
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI/NIH)
Chair of the Department of Bioinformatics and Data Science (FAES/NIH)
Genomics Outreach Coordinator

Morgan Langille, PhD
Dalhousie University
Canada Research Chair in Human Microbiomics
Assistant Professor, Departments of Pharmacology/Microbiology & Immunology

Conference thematic sessions are:

  • Cancer Informatics
  • Evolutionary Genomics and Phylogenetics
  • Health Informatics, Big Data, and Computing
  • Microbiome and Metagenomic
  • Translational Bioinformatics and Data Visualization
  • Virology and Infectious Diseases
Further information is available on the LBRN Conference Webpage along with links for registration, travel, and lodging information: