The IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trials Network (ISPCTN) is pleased to offer its first professional development series titled "Overview of Clinical Trials". This series is available to all LA CaTS Center member institutions and is accessible beginning today, June 13th.

Please see the details below. Interested investigators and research staff should contact Sherry Lloyd at with the following information and/or the contact person for the group that would like access to these trainings and she will contact them directly with instructions on how to login and register.

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The Data Coordinating and Operations Center (DCOC) for the IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trials Network (ISPCTN) is happy to announce the launch of a summer professional development series titled Overview of Clinical Trials As a component of the Environmental Children's Health Outcomes (ECHO), one of the overarching goals for the ISPCTN is to build national pediatric research capacity to conduct clinical trials by providing professional development for investigators and research faculty as well as team support and infrastructure building.

The 6 week summer professional development courses will provide an overview of clinical trials in three ways:

  1. Recorded videos
  2. Podcasts
  3. Live chats with experienced clinical trial researchers

The 6 week series will discuss the following:

  • Definition of a Clinical Trial
  • Phase I Clinical Trials: Designs and Examples
  • Phase II Clinical Trials: Designs and Examples
  • Elements of Phase III Clinical Trials: Masking and Randomization
  • Elements of Phase III & IV Trials: Design and Examples
  • How Clinical Trials Differ from Cohort, Case-Control, and Cross-sectional Studies

If you have any questions about the summer series or ISPCTN professional development activities, please email