The 9th annual childhood obesity and public health conference - Preventing Obesity in the Early Years: Translating Evidence into Action - will be held at LSU's Pennington Biomedical Research Center on Tuesday, October 25, 2016.

Given the recent evidence that risk for obesity begins early in life, the topic of this year's conference is on the environmental, dietary, and physical activity factors that influence young children's risk of developing obesity, and on the evidence-based public health strategies to address the problem. A unique focus of the conference this year is on Louisiana-specific data and solutions to address childhood obesity among preschool-aged children.

Learning Objectives

Participants at this conference will be able to:

  • describe factors within the child care environment that promote healthy weight;
  • identify several of Louisiana's public health, nutrition, and education initiatives to prevent obesity in the early years;
  • evaluate dietary interventions to influence young children's eating habits and food choices;
  • understand the role of physical fitness and fundamental motor skill development in promoting healthy weight in the early years; and
  • comprehend evidence-based public health and policy strategies to achieve demonstrable improvements in obesity-related behaviors in the first five years of life.

Who Should Attend?

This conference is designed for professionals engaged in public health efforts, including: physicians, nutritionists, physical activity specialists, registered dietitians, nurses, health educators, psychologists, counselors, healthcare policy makers, researchers, media, business and civic leaders, parks and recreation personnel, and early childhood and school-age educators and decision-makers. CEU/CME credits will not be provided at this conference. Pennington Biomedical is not an accredited CEU/CME provider.

How Can I Register?

To register or learn more, please visit: