The following three grants were awarded to researchers at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans, Tulane University and Xavier University from the funds of the LA CaTS Center.

  1. Dr. Timothy Foster - LSUHSC NO: "Evaluation of peg-Arginase I as a Therapeutic for Virus-Mediated Ocular Diseases"
  2. Dr. Eva Morava-Kozicz - Tulane University: "Screening for glycosylation disorders and study galactose intake in PGM1-CDG"
  3. Dr. Guangdi Wang - Xavier University: "Boron-based 4-hydroxytamoxifen and endoxifen prodrugs for treatment of breast cancer"

Based on the recommendations of the LA CaTS center, the following nine grants were funded by the institutional match of their respective institutions:

  1. Dr. Jesus Lovera - LSUHSC NO: "Targeted microRNA analysis in Multiple Sclerosis associated cognitive decline"
  2. Dr. Rebecca Fisher - LSUHSC NO: "HPV and EBV Serum Antibodies as Prognostic Markers for Cervical Cancer"
  3. Dr. Erich Conrad - LSUHSC NO: "Assessing and Reducing Risk of Violent Re-injury among Victims of Urban Violence"
  4. Dr. Yan Cui - LSUHSC NO: "Contribution of a specialized human myeloid population in mobilized peripheral blood stem cell specimens to accelerating post-transplant"
  5. Dr. Zhen Lin - Tulane University: "Analysis of the Pathogenesis of HIV/EBV associated DLBCL"
  6. Dr. T. Cooper Woods - Tulane University: "Plaque Destabilization through Shear Stress Mediated Decreases in miR-221/222"
  7. Dr. Jerome Maderdrut - Tulane University: "Development of a PACAP Analog as a Therapeutic for Contrast-Induced Nephropathy"
  8. Dr. Bridgette Collins-Burow - Tulane University: "Selective targeting of the metastatic-invasive phenotype of triple-negative breast carcinoma"
  9. Dr. Malwina Czarny-Ratajczak - Tulane University: "Investigation of novel genetic factors predisposing to multiple epiphyseal dysplasia and osteoarthritis"