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“Bridging the Gap between Researchers and Louisiana Communities”



In the most recent LA CaTS renewal, the Community Engagement and Outreach Core (CEO) and Clinical Research Resources (CRR) proposed an initiative called Diseased Focused Interest Group (DFIG). Upon recommendations and advice from Baton Rouge and New Orleans Community Advisory Boards a new name was implemented - Community Research for Optimal Wellness Network (CROWN).


Is a statewide infrastructure that facilitates conversations between researchers and individuals in the communities around activities that will improve quality of research; translation of research; and the quality of research impacting communities in Louisiana.


To develop and maintain a new statewide infrastructure that facilitates bi-directional engagement between LA CaTS investigators, community members, and health practitioners to address health disparities and improve health outcomes across Louisiana. To enroll community members interested in serving in an advisory capacity in the design and conduct of research or participating in LA CaTS investigators' studies.


  • Partner with researchers in improving the quality of research and health outcomes ofvulnerable communities in Louisiana.
  • Increase the dissemination of culturally relevant and disease-specific educational resources and other education materials to community members.
  • Assist in advancing science through planning future research directed towards community health disparities in Louisiana.
  • Increase community understanding of, diversity and inclusion, and participation in health research, including partnering from research design to dissemination of results, and involvement in setting LA CaTS research priorities.


The LA CaTS CROWN will enroll community members with an expressed interest in specific diseases; could be persons living with the conditions, who would like to assist in advancing science in a particular disease area. 

Community members participation and interaction with investigators will span but are not limited to: serving in an advisory capacity (short- or long-term); being involved in research; learning more about the disease area through research and education; participating in focus groups or as key informants that are surveyed or interviewed.

Individuals can enroll electronically by themselves or be enrolled by LA CaTS Center personnel through various community engagement efforts. Individuals enrolled will become a member of the LA CaTS CROWN. 

Questions about CROWN? Email


LA CaTS Center CROWN Network

D'Andra Odom
225-763-3093 ♦ fax: 225-763-2976