The LA CaTS Community Engagement & Outreach Core is looking for focus group participants from the LA CaTS Center academic network. The purpose of the focus group discussion is to attain researcher perspectives, ideas, and thoughts about community engagement in research, and to learn more about your research process and how you find community members to participate or partner in your research. We will utilize feedback received to develop our educational toolkit, or resource guide, that will provide guidance to researchers on appropriately engaging the community, as well as provide education to the lay community on key research principles.

To make the guide relevant to the concerns and needs of our communities, we are hosting a virtual FGD via Zoom on Wednesday, June 29th, from 12 - 1 PM. 

Focus group attendees will receive a small token of appreciation in the form of a gift card via mail after the session. Please see the attached flyer for RSVP link, or email if you are interested in participating in this session.

FGD flyer