11:00am CDT

The Trial Innovation Network (TIN) is presenting a Collaboration Webinar entitled:  Selecting EHR-driven Recruitment Strategies: An Evidence-Based Decision Framework. 

Participant recruitment for research is a persistent bottleneck that can be improved by leveraging electronic health records (EHRs). Despite emerging evidence for various EHR-driven approaches, guidance for those attempting to select and use such approaches is limited.  The national Recruitment Innovation Center established the EHR Recruitment Consult Service (ERCS) to support multi-site studies through implementation of EHR-driven recruitment strategies.  The information to be presented will include an overview of an EHR-driven recruitment decision framework which has been developed to determine which EHR based recruitment methodology or tools would be most appropriate based on study and site specific details.


Please go to the following website to register: Events – Trial Innovation Network