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Other Pilot Projects

Community-Wide Health Assessment for West Carroll Parish

The objective of this project is to conduct a baseline health assessment of chronic disease, risk factors, and risk factor knowledge in West Carroll Parish. The community health assessment will include two components:

A population health phone survey conducted by the LSU Public Policy Research Lab (address-based sample of 2,500 households; anticipate ~400 respondents), and
Community health screenings (screening for CVD risk factors including obesity, hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia; 200 participants) conducted at the LSU/SU AgCenter Research and Extension Site in Oak Grove, Louisiana.

Establishing a Congenital Zika Virus Infection Model

The emergence of Zika virus (ZIKV) as a cause of birth defects represents a dramatic and imminent threat to maternal and child health. Through mechanisms that are undefined, ZIKV demonstrates the ability to cross the placenta, infect the developing fetus, and produce devastating neurological sequelae, including microcephaly. Since the infection can be transmitted by sexual contact in addition to mosquito bites, insect vector control alone may be insufficient to stem the epidemic, and women of reproductive age may be at risk even in temperate zones that do not harbor Aedes aegypti. The over-arching goal of this proposal is to develop a tractable animal (guinea pig) model system in which to study congenital ZIKV infection and to determine the susceptibility and permissiveness of the placenta to ZIKV infection toward the future goal of preclinical testing of immune-based therapies, vaccines, and antivirals aimed at preventing fetal transmission and attendant disease. 

Effects of Aging in Delayed Antithrombotic tPA Treatment and Stem Cell Therapy against Ischemic Stroke

No summary available at this time

Activation of Innate & Cellular Immunity by Outer Membrane Vesicles

No summary available at this time