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Core Projects

*Projects initiated and supported by one or more of the LA CaTS Center Cores or Resources


Caregivers' Perceived Roles in Caring for Patients with Heart Failure: Implications for Healthcare Providers

Project initiated by Community Engagement & Outreach Core
Betty Kennedy, PhD, Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Heart failure (HF) represents a momentous burden to patients and the healthcare system. More importantly, HF can be a huge burden for caregivers (usually family or friends), who play major roles in the lives of patients with HF. The purpose of this study was to determine what roles patients and caregivers perceive and desire for themselves, and to compare and contrast these roles with those they perceive to be desired by healthcare providers versus what providers perceive the roles of patients and caregivers are from their perspective. A total of 93 participants (60 patients, 22 caregivers, and 11 providers) were enrolled in the study. Patients and their caregivers individually participated in semi-structured interviews, and providers (cardiologists, nurses, medical assistants) participated in one of two structured focus groups. The major concerns and needs of HF patients causing them the most difficulty was limited ability to perform any activity due to shortness of breath and fatigue, while the uncertainty of HF and not knowing what is going to happen was the most difficult for caregivers. Providers in both structured focus groups regardless of rank order selected compliance with care, compliance with treatment plan, and compliance with medication as the top 3 issues likely to have the greatest impact, and education on the disease first (compliance with care) as the easiest strategy to implement for patients and their caregivers in the management of heart condition. Findings from this study suggest that caregiver interventions are warranted based on patients, caregivers, and providers perceptions.

Estimating the Potential for Reducing Emergency Department Visits made via Emergency Medical Services in East Baton Rouge Parish

Project initiated by the Biomedical Informatics Core
Ronald Horswell, PhD, Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Lucio Miele, MD, LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans
Dan Godbee, MD, East Baton Rouge Emergency Medical Services

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