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Clinical Research Resources

The Clinical Research Resources (CRR) Key Component aims to provide a seamless approach and comprehensive network of Clinical Trial Units (CTUs) to support clinical and translational research across Louisiana. CRR supports a uniform and systematic approach to clinical research deployed across all institutions of the LA CaTS Center with a rational allocation of facilities, equipment, trained personnel and uniform systems (standard operating procedures, electronic applications and good clinical practices). This standardization and uniform approach has several important advantages to investigators: 

The LA CaTS Clinical Trial Units (CTUs)

The LA CaTS Center CTUs are located across the state and our participating institutions in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport, some new and some have been open for some time. A list of the current CTU sites and contacts can be found on the left side of this page. What classifies a clinical site as a LA CaTS CTU? They are either funded with LA CaTS Center grant funds, funded by the LA CaTS member institution, or have committed research staff to conduct and support clinical and translational research studies.

Each CTU has a Research Facilitator assigned to work one-on-one with investigators to carry a research project through from the planning stage to study completion.

A list of services offered by the LA CaTS CTUs can be found on SPARC or by contacting the CTU Facilitator directly.

Emphasis on Training & Professional Development

The CRR team offers various training programs to research professionals from the clinical coordinator level to the experienced senior investigator. Click HERE to see a description of our current training programs and when they are offered.